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Treaty of Adrianople (1713)

The Treaty of Adrianople (also called the Treaty of Edirne) was signed on 16/27 June 1713 between the Ottoman Empire and the Tsardom of Russia, confirming the Treaty of the Pruth of 1711 which had ended the Pruth River Campaign (1710–1711).

The Treaty of Pruth, signed by Baltacı Mehmet Pasha, was first received well in Constantinople. But the dissatisfied pro-war party, supported by King Charles XII of Sweden who had taken refuge in the Ottoman Empire since 1709, turned general opinion against Baltacı Mehmet Pasha, who was finally relieved from his office.
But Sultan Ahmed III didn't resume the war with Russia. Finally the Sultan became annoyed by the pro-war party and decided to send the troublesome Swedish King back to his homeland. This removed all obstacles for a final peace settlement with Russia and the Treaty of Adrianople was a peace agreement for the next 25 years.


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