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Tractor, timber and agricultural machinery in Russia

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Title: Tractor, timber and agricultural machinery in Russia  
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Subject: Economy of Russia, Agriculture in Russia, Industry in Russia, Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, Geothermal power in Russia
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Tractor, timber and agricultural machinery in Russia

Agricultural engineering Russia - Russian machine building industry.


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    • Factories of foreign companies 2.3
  • Manufacturers combines in Russia 3
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tractor "Universal" (1934-1940, 1944-1955
  • 1855 - Andrei Terentyev artisans and Moses Creek created the first Russian threshing machine.
  • 1888 - Fyodor Blinov mechanic built the world's first model of crawler tractor.
  • 1893 - Yakov Mamin invented the plow with two plowshares
  • 1910 - Yakov Mamin created tractor "Dwarf", later known as the "Russian tractor" . However, mass production of tractors in Russia was launched only in the Soviet Union in the 20-30s.

In 1917 the whole of Russia was 165 tractors

  • 1918 - at Petrograd factory "Bolshevik" was organized small-scale production of crawler tractors.
  • 1921 - SNK (Soviet government) decree "On agricultural engineering".

At this time, the release of tractors engaged in Kolomna and Red Putilovets" (tractor "Fordson Putilovets").

  • 1926 - started producing tractor cultivators for continuous tillage .
  • 1928 - started production of tractor plows.

In 1928, the country produced 1,300 tractors

  • 1930 - commissioned in 1930 Stalingrad Tractor Factory design capacity of 144 tractors a day. Since that time, the Soviet Union began the mass production of tractors.

At "Communard" started production of the first Soviet harvesters.

  • 1931 - was built Kharkov Tractor Factory.
  • 1932 - started production of tractor potato harvesters.
  • 1933 - was built Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.
  • 1937 - USSR on the annual production of combine harvesters went to 1st place in the world - 44 thousand units. against 29 million in the U.S.

By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union occupied the first place in the world for the production of crawler tractors .

  • During the war, many tractor factories were destroyed, some of them have relocated to the east of the country and produced for the front .
  • 1944 - resumed production of tractors.

After the war, the construction of new enterprises was continued.

  • 1946 - started production of the first tractor with a closed cabin S-80
  • 1947 - started production of the first self-propelled combine harvester S-4.
  • 1948 - Minsk Tractor Works started production of the first Soviet skidder KT-12.
  • 1956 - started production of the first industrial tractor S-100
  • 1957 - started production of the first Soviet high-power industrial tractor diesel-electric drive DET-250 .
  • 1960 - USSR won first place in the world to produce tractors .
  • 1975 - came the first Soviet tractor with front cabin-industrial tractor-bulldozer T-330.
Tractor Plants in 1980
Name Location Year of foundation Types of tractors Models of tractors Now
Altay Tractor plant (ATZ) Rubtsovsk 1942 Agricultural and industrial crawler tractors, crawler skidders T-4A, TT-4 Went bankrupt in 2011
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (ChTZ) Chelyabinsk 1933 Agricultural and industrial crawler tractors T-130, DET-250 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant in the corporation Uralvagonzavod
Cheboksary Industrial Tractor Plant (ChZPT) Cheboksary 1975 heavy industrial crawler tractor to work as bulldozers T-330 "Promtractor" plant within the group "Tractor plants"
Vladimir Tractor plant (VTZ) Vladimir 1945 Agricultural wheeled tractors T-25 Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant (VMTZ) within the group "Tractor plants"
Lipetsk Tractor plant (LTZ) Lipetsk 1944 Agri-transport wheeled tractors T-40 "Lipetsk tractor" plant within the group "Tractor plants", closed since 2009
Kirov Plant Leningrad 1801 Heavy wheeled tractor general purpose terrain Kirovets K-700 Kirov Plant Company
Volgograd tractor factory (VTZ) Volgograd 1930 Track general purpose agricultural tractors DT-75 "Tractor Company "VgTZ" within the group "Tractor plants"
Onega Tractor Plant (OTZ) Petrozavodsk 1703 tracked skidders TDT-55 Onega Tractor Plant within the group "Tractor plants"
Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) Minsk, Belorussia 1946 general purpose wheel tractors MTZ-082 Belarus, MTZ-50 Belarus, MTZ-52 Belarus, MTZ-80 Belarus, MTZ-82 Belarus Minsk Tractor Works
Kharkiv Tractor Plant (KhTZ) Kharkiv, Ukraine SSR 1931 tracked and wheeled tractors high-speed all-terrain multi-purpose T-150, T-74 Kharkiv Tractor Plant
Yuzhmash Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine SSR 1944 Agricultural wheeled universally-tilled and transport tractors YuMZ-6 Yuzhmash, tractor does not produce
Chisinau Tractor Plant Chișinău, Moldavian SSR 1961 beet, viticultural, horticultural crawler tractor with a narrow track T-54, T-70 ceased production
Kharkov Tractor propelled chassis Kharkiv, Ukraine SSR 1949 wheeled tractor self-propelled chassis for mounting bodies and special equipment T-16 Plant self-propelled chassis
Pavlodar Tractor plant Pavlodar, Kazakh SSR 1966 Track general purpose agricultural tractors DT-75 Went bankrupt in 1998
Tashkent Tractor Plant (TTZ) Tashkent, Uzbek SSR 1942 wheeled cotton tractors (including tricycles) T-28Kh2, T-28Kh4, MTZ-50Kh Tashkent Tractor Plant
Factories for the production of combines in 1980
Name Location Year of foundation Types of harvesters Models of harvesters Now
Rostselmash Rostov-on-Don 1929 combine harvesters SK-5 Niva Company "Rostselmash"
Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant Krasnoyarsk 1942 combine harvesters SKD-5 "Sibiryak" joined the group "Tractor Plants", was closed in 2013
Taganrog Combine Plant Taganrog 1915 Rice-harvesters on crawlers, combine harvesters wheeled SKGD-6 "Kolos", SK-6II "Kolos" at its base in 1997 was founded Taganrog Automobile Plant (TagAZ), the production combines discontinued in 2002
Ryazselmash Ryazan 1905 semi-mounted potato harvesters for building with tractors KKU-2A "Druzhba" Ryazan Combine Plant, the production is not engaged, the building leased
GOMSELMASH Gomel, Belarusian SSR 1930 foragers, trailed forage harvesters KSK-100, KS-2,6 GOMSELMASH
Dalselmash Birobidzhan 1938 forage harvesters crawler KSG-3,2 The plant went bankrupt in 2002
Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YaMZ) Yaroslavl 1916 foragers YaSK-170 Yaroslavl Motor Plant composed of GAZ Group
Ternopol Combine Plant Ternopil, Ukrainian SSR beet harvesters KS-6 Ternopol Combine Plant
Kherson Combine Plant Kherson, Ukrainian SSR 1887 self-propelled harvesters corn, trailed harvesters corn KSKU-6 "Khersonetz-200", KOP-1,4 "Khersonetz-7" Scientific-Production Enterprise "Kherson Machine-Building Plant"
Bezhetskselmash Bezhetsk 1943 flax pullers LK-4 Bezhetskselmash
Plodselhozmash Chișinău, Moldavian SSR harvesters cabbage, tomatoes, grapes, fruits and berries UKM-2, SKT-2A, SVK-3M, MPyA-1A Agromasina
  • 1983 - launched Europe's largest tractor, designed to work as a crawler dozer, T-800 full weight of 106 tons (without blade length - 7945 mm, with blade -12 400 mm, width without blade -4185 mm, Width -6000 mm blade height -4775 mm.).
  • 1991 - disintegration of the USSR, was part of factories abroad.
  • 2001 - state-owned company established Rosagroleasing for the program of state support for agricultural producers and support leasing program.
  • 2003 - was founded Concern Tractor plants, uniting the main Russian producers of tractors.

Manufacturers of tractors in Russia

As part of Concern "Tractor plants"

Name Location Year of foundation Types of tractors Models of tractors
Promtractor Cheboksary 1975 bulldozers, tractors pipelay Chetra T11, Chetra T15, Chetra T20, Chetra T25, Chetra TG122, Chetra TG222, Chetra TG302, Chetra TG503, Chetra TG511
Onega Tractor Plant Petrozavodsk 1703 crawler tractor skidding choker, forest fire crawler tractors, mowers, tracked timber trucks, tractor - wood shredders - shrubs and brushcutter equipment Onezhets-310, Onezhets-320, Onezhets-330, Onezhets-335 and other
Krasnoyarsk plant Timber Engineering (KrasLesmash ) Krasnoyarsk 1916 crawler tractor skidding choker, felling and skidding machines, chokerless machine manipulator type, loaders, track and wheelbase, forwarders Chetra KS-146, LZ-235, LP-18K, LT-187, TT-4M-23K, LT-188
Volgograd tractor factory Volgograd 1930 crawler tractor general purpose Agromash-90TG
Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant (VMTZ) Vladimir 1945 universal wheeled tractors, self-propelled tractor chassis, forest fire tractor Agromash-30TK, Agromash-50TK, Agromash-60TK, Agromash-85TK, Agromash-30SCh, Agromash-50SCh, Agromash-60TK 211V MPU

Other manufacturers of tractors

Name Location Year of foundation Parent company Types of tractors Models of tractors
Peterburg Tractor Plant Saint Petersburg 1801 Kirov Plant company heavy agricultural tractors, wheel dozers, wheel loaders, industrial tractors Kirovets K-744, Kirovets K-9000, Kirovets K-702, Kirovets K-703
Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant Chelyabinsk 1933 Uralvagonzavod corporation industrial tractors, bulldozers, tractor pipelaying, trenchers based crawler tractors T10M, B10M, B11, B12, B14, DET-250M2, DET-320, DET-400, T-800, TR20.22.01, TR12.22.01
Alpha-Technic Oryol 1990-s wheeled tractor universal high-power tractors based on the Kharkiv Tractor Plant OrTZ-150K
Agrotechmash Saint Petersburg, Tambov (plant) 1997 wheeled tractors, wheeled bulldozers Terrion ATM 3180M, Terrion ATM 4200, Terrion ATM 5280, Terrion ATM 7360
Cherepovets Casting-Mechanical Plant (ChLMZ) Cherepovets 1950 wheeled tractors under license Minsk Tractor Works ; bulldozers, loaders based on tractors Belarus 320Ch, Belarus 92P-Ch
Kama Tractor Plant (KamTZ) Naberezhnye Chelny 2012 joint venture ETcorp (Russia, Moscow) and ARGO SpA (Italy) Agricultural wheeled tractors TTH-186, TTH-215, TTH-230
CNH-Kamaz Commerce Naberezhnye Chelny 2010 joint venture CNH Industrial and Kamaz wheel agricultural tractors New Holland Agriculture
Zavod Specmashine "Baltietz" Saint Petersburg 2003 heavy agricultural tractors, truck tractors, loaders and forklifts based tractors, wheel dozers, bulldozer-excavator road machines, snow machines, skidders, timber stackers K-707T Baltietz, K-703 Baltietz, K-702M Baltietz

Factories of foreign companies

Name of company Location Year of foundation Types of tractors Models of tractors
John Deere Domodedovo 2010 wheels tractors
Claas Krasnodar 2005 wheel tractors Claas Axion 820/850/ 920/930/940/950, Claas Xerion 4000/ 4500/5000

Manufacturers combines in Russia

Name Location Year of foundation Parent company Types of combines Models of combines
Rostselmash Rostov-on-Don 1929 grain and forage harvesters
Cherepovets Casting-Mechanical Plant Cherepovets 1950 Trailed flax pullers
Agrotechmash Saint Petersburg, Tambov (plant) 1997 combine harvesters SR200 series, SR3000 series, SR3085 Superior series

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  • Beiye specialize in the supply mid range tractors
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