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Silesia national football team

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Title: Silesia national football team  
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Subject: Cascadia official soccer team, Wallis and Futuna national football team, History of Silesia, Black noodles, Niemodlin dialect
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Silesia national football team

Silesia football team (}

}}: Reprezentacja Śląska) is an informal regional football team made up of players from football clubs located in Silesia, under the auspices of the Silesian Football Association (}

}}: Śląski Związek Piłki Nożnej). It is not affiliated to FIFA, and does not play in official international matches.

Matches Silesia vs Poland[1]

No. Date Stadium Match Result Turnout
1 October 4, 1933 KS Police Stadium in Katowice Silesia - Poland 1:2 5 000
2 April 26, 1953 Ruch Stadium in Chorzów Silesia - Poland 2:3 12 000
3 September 13, 1953 Polonia Stadium in Bytom Silesia - Poland 3:3 3 000
4 December 9, 2006 Ruch Stadium in Chorzów Silesia - Poland 1:1 5 000

Matches Silesia vs other national football teams

Date Stadium Match Result Turnout
June 9, 1937 Ruch Stadium in Chorzów Silesia - Basque Country 3:4[2] ?
April 20, 1948 AKS Stadium in Chorzów Silesia - Czechoslovakia 2:1 ?
August 24, 1952 Ruch Stadium in Chorzów Silesia - China 5:1 15 000
July 22, 1974 Silesian Stadium Silesia - Tanzania 7:2 37 000
  • Note: This is not a full list!

Silesian dream team

Although Silesia was never independently affiliated with FIFA, it is a place of origin of many notable football players playing mostly for the Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic national teams. In 2010, the following hypothetical "dream" Silesian team was presented of the current players of the Silesian background:[3] Raphael Schäfer, Marek Jankulovski, Kamil Glik, Tomas Ujfalusi, Łukasz Piszczek, Adam Matuszczyk, Libor Sionko, Sebastian Tyrała, Lukas Podolski, Ireneusz Jeleń, Miroslav Klose.


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