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Morse code for non-Latin alphabets

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Title: Morse code for non-Latin alphabets  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Morse code, MacArabic encoding, EBCDIC 930, KS X 1001, MARC-8
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Morse code for non-Latin alphabets

This is a summary of the use of Morse code to represent alphabets other than Latin.


The Greek Morse code alphabet is very similar to the Latin alphabet. It uses one extra letter for Greek letter Χ and does not use the codes for Latin letters "J", "U" and "V".

Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code
Α A •- Ι I •• Ρ R •-•
Β B -••• Κ K -•- Σ S •••
Γ G --• Λ L •-•• Τ T -
Δ D -•• Μ M -- Υ Y -•--
Ε E Ν N -• Φ F ••-•
Ζ Z --•• Ξ X -••- Χ CH ----
Η H •••• Ο O --- Ψ Q --•-
Θ C -•-• Π P •--• Ω W •--
HY V •••- YI J •--- OY U ••-
OI 8 ---•• EI S ••• AI Ä •-•-
AY Ü ••-- EY Ö ---•

The tonos is not transmitted in Morse code; the receiver can simply infer which vowels require one. The Greek diphthongs presented in the bottom three rows of the table are specified in old Greek Morse-code tables but they are never used in actual communication, the two vowels being sent separately.


Cyrillic letters are represented using the representation of similar sounding Latin letters (e.g. Б≡B, В≡W (German pronunciation), Г≡G, Д≡D, etc.). Cyrillic letters with no such Latin correspondences are assigned to Latin letters with no Cyrillic correspondences (e.g. Щ≡Q). The same correspondence was later used to create Russian national character sets KOI-7 and KOI-8.

Cyrillic Latin Code Cyrillic Latin Code Cyrillic Latin Code
А A • − Л L • − • • Х H • • • •
Б B − • • • М M − − Ц C − • − •
В W • − − Н N − •  Ч Ö − − − •
Г G − − • О O − − − Ш CH − − − −
Д D − • • П P • − − • Щ Q − − • −
Е E Р R • − • Ь (Ъ) X − • • −
Ж V • • • − С S • • • Ы (Ь) Y − • − −
З Z − − • • Т T Э É • • − • •
И I • • У U • • − Ю Ü • • − −
Й J • − − − Ф F • • − • Я Ä • − • −
К K − • −

This order and representation reflects Russian national standard. Bulgarian standard is the same except for the two letters given in parentheses (Bulgarian language does not use Ы, while Ъ, missing in the Russian standard, is frequent). The letter Ё does not have a Morse equivalent.


Hebrew letters are mostly represented using the Morse representation of a similar sounding Latin letter (e.g. "Bet" ב≡B); however the representation for several letters are from a Latin letter with a similar shape (e.g. "Tet" ט ≡U, while "Tav" ת≡T).
Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code
א A •- ל L •-••
ב B -••• מ M --
ג G --• נ N -•
ד D -•• ס C -•-•
ה O --- ע J •---
ו E פ P •--•
ז Z --•• צ W •--
ח H •••• ק Q --•-
ט U ••- ר R •-•
י I •• ש S •••
כ K -•- ת T -


Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code
ا A •- د D -•• ض V •••- ك K -•- E
ب B -••• ذ Z --•• ط U ••- ل L •-••
ت T - ر R •-• ظ Y -•-- م M --
ث C -•-• ز Ö ---• ع Ä •-•- ن N -•
ج J •--- س S ••• غ G --• ه É ••-••
ح H •••• ش SH ---- ف F ••-• و W •--
خ O --- ص X -••- ق Q --•- ي I ••


Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code Letter In Latin Code
ا A •- خ X -••- ص Ä •-•- ک K -•-
ب B -••• د D -•• ض É ••-•• گ Q --•-
پ P •--• ذ V •••- ط U ••- ل L •-••
ت T - ر R •-• ظ Y -•-- م M --
ث C -•-• ز Z --•• ع O --- ن N -•
ج J •--- ژ G --• غ Ü ••-- و W •--
چ Ö ---• س S ••• ف F ••-• ه E
ح H •••• ش Š ---- ق •••--- ی I ••

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  • Dik T. Winter's list of Morse codes
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