List of Serbian–Turkish conflicts

There have been many wars between Serbia and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

Serbian–Ottoman wars
Serbian–Ottoman wars
Part of the Ottoman wars in Europe
Date 26 September 1371 - 30 May 1913
(541 years, 8 months and 4 days)
Location Kosovo, Moravian Serbia, Macedonia, Moravian Serbia
Result Ottoman initial victory, Serbia liberated later
 Ottoman Empire Principality of Zeta
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Sultan Serbian Empire Serbian Kings
Serbian Empire Serbian Emperor
Serbian Empire Serbian Despot
Casualties and losses
Sultan Murad I and other sultans Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović and the other Serbian rulers

Early encounters

Fall of the Serbian Empire

Serbian Despotate

In 1471, a renewed Serbian principality as a vassal of Hungary was created. Up until its demise in 1540, it spent its entirety fighting the Turks. The state usually provided support and auxiliary troops to the Kingdom of Hungary.

Duchy of Saint Sava

  • Siege of Jajce in 1463

Vassals to the Ottomans

Serbian rebellions

  • Long War (Ottoman wars) (1593–1606)
  • Banat Uprising (1594)
  • Great Turkish War (1683–1699)
  • Kočina Krajina Serb rebellion (1788)
  • Herzegovina Uprising (1875-1878)

Liberation of Serbia


Serbia and the Ottoman empire fought on opposing sides in World War I.

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