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List of German inventions and discoveries


List of German inventions and discoveries

The following list is composed of items, techniques and processes that were invented by or discovered by people from Germany or German-speaking Europe.


  • Anatomy 1
  • Archaeology 2
  • Arts 3
  • Astronomy 4
  • Biology and genetics 5
  • Chemistry 6
  • Clothing and fashion 7
  • Computing 8
  • Construction and architecture 9
  • Cuisine 10
  • Education and printing 11
  • Entertainment and media 12
  • Geology and mining 13
  • Household and office appliance 14
  • Mathematics 15
  • Medicine 16
  • Military 17
  • Musical instruments 18
  • Physics 19
  • Sociology, philosophy and politics 20
  • Religion and ethics 21
  • Science 22
    • Scientific instruments 22.1
  • Spaceflight 23
  • Sport 24
  • Tourism and recreation 25
  • Toys 26
  • Transportation 27
  • See also 28
  • References 29






Illustration of Kepler's second law

Biology and genetics

Overview of the citric acid cycle (click to enlarge)
Plateosaurus Skelett
A reconstruction of Homo heidelbergensis.
Events involving meiosis, showing chromosomal crossover


Bunsen burner

Clothing and fashion


Replica of the Z1 in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin

Construction and architecture

Drill scheme


A glass of Berliner Weisse flavoured with raspberry syrup
Pfälzer Saumagen
Toast Hawaii

Education and printing

Entertainment and media

Geology and mining

Map of Pangaea with modern continents outlined

Household and office appliance

Two-hole (filebinder) hole punch


Regional variations (English, German, Russian) of the integral symbol.
surfaces of Gaussian curvature.
Illustration the intersection of two sets.



Replica of V2

Musical instruments


Geiger-Müller Counter
4-meter-tall sculpture of Einstein's 1905 E = mc2 formula at the 2006 Walk of Ideas, Berlin, Germany.
X-rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, with wavelengths shorter than visible light. Different applications use different parts of the X-ray spectrum.

Sociology, philosophy and politics

Religion and ethics

Wreath with two candles lit for the second Sunday of Advent


Scientific instruments



Tourism and recreation


First generation Playmobil figures.
The fischertechnik


automobile Benz Velo

See also


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