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City Council of Tehran

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Title: City Council of Tehran  
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Subject: Mehdi Chamran, Parvin Ahmadinejad, Tehran, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, Amir Abedini
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City Council of Tehran

Tehran City Council
Mehdi Chamran
since September 3, 2014
Deputy Chairman
Morteza Talaie
since September 3, 2013
Seats 31
Single-member districts
Last election
June 14, 2013
Meeting place
Members of Tehran Council and Sohrab's Mother.jpg
City Council Building
Mellat Street
Tehran City Council Website

The City Council of Tehran (Persian: شورای اسلامی شهر تهران‎) is the elected council that presides over the city of Tehran, elects the Mayor of Tehran, and budgets of the Municipality of Tehran.

The council is composed of fifteen members elected from single-member districts for four-year terms. The Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Council are chosen by the council at the first regular meeting in odd-numbered years.

It holds regular meetings on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am (except on holidays or if decided by special resolution not to meet). The number of members was increased to the 31 persons in the 2013 local elections.


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  • Members 2
    • Current members 2.1
    • Past members 2.2
  • Leadership 3
    • Chairpersons 3.1
    • Deputy Chairpersons 3.2
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Persian Constitutional Revolution passed a law on local governance known as “Ghanoon-e Baladieh”. The second and third articles of the law, on “anjoman-e baladieh”, or the city council, provide a detailed outline on issues such as the role of the councils in the city, the members’ qualifications, the election process, and the requirements to be entitled to vote. Baladieh, or the modern municipality in Iran was established in 1910, to cope with the growing need for the transformation of Tehran’s city structures. [1]

After the First World War, Reza Shah, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty, immediately suspended the “Ghanoon-e Baladieh” of 1907 and the decentralized and autonomous city councils were replaced by centralist/sectoralist approaches of governance and planning. [2]


Current members


District Name Votes
1 Mehdi Chamran 566,614
2 Alireza Dabir 400,677
3 Ahmad Masjed-Jamei 281,548
4 Hossein Rezazadeh 270,390
5 Habib Kashani 266,533
6 Hadi Saei 260,457
7 Morteza Talaie 242,386
8 Parviz Sarvari 199,956
9 Reza Taghipour 384,358
10 Elaheh Rastgoh 179,982
11 Abbas Sheibani 173,277
12 Esmaeil Dousti 158,707
13 Ahmad Donyamali 157,277
14 Mohammad Salari 155,138
15 Mohammad Mehdi Tondgouyan 154,921
16 Fatemeh Daneshvar 144,792
17 Ahmad Hakimipour 137,694
18 Mohammad Haghani 135,100
19 Mojtaba Shakeri 130,269
20 Abdolhossein Mokhtabad 129,969
21 Rahmatollah Hafezi 129,832
22 Aboulfazl Ghanaei 127,664
23 Eghbal Shakeri 127,558
24 Mehdi Hojjat 135,100
25 Gholamreza Ansari 126,500
26 Masoumeh Abbad 122,790
27 Abolmoghim Nasehi 119,826
28 Mohsen Sourkhow 118,745
29 Abbas Jadidi 117,503
30 Mohsen Pirhadi 114,495
31 Mohammad Mehdi Moffateh 114,439

Results were announced on June 21, 2013. Returns from a total of 2,786,357 ballots canvassed from 3,185 ballot boxes all over the city show the following candidates with the highest number of votes.

Past members


      Independent       Conservative       Reformist


No. Name Image Time in office Party Term
1 Ebrahim Asgharzadeh
(b. 1955)
Ebrahim Asgharzadeh 1 April 1999 1 April 2003 Executives of Construction Party 1 (2003)
2 Mehdi Chamran
(b. 1941)
Mehdi Chamran 1 April 2003 3 September 2013 Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran 2 (2003)
3 (2006)
3 Ahmad Masjed-Jamei
(b. 1956)
Ahmad Masjed-Jamei 3 September 2013 3 September 2014 National Trust Party 4 (2013)
4 Mehdi Chamran
(b. 1941)
Mehdi Chamran 3 September 2014 Incumbent Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran 4 (2013)

Deputy Chairpersons

No. Name Image Time in office Party Term
1 Saeed Hajjarian
(b. 1954)
Saeed Hajjarian 1 April 1999 20 March 2000 Islamic Iran Participation Front 1 (1999)
2 Amir Abedini
(b. 1939)
Amir Abedini 20 March 2000 2 December 2000 Independent 1 (1999)
3 Saeed Hajjarian
(b. 1954)
Saeed Hajjarian 2 December 2000 1 April 2003 Islamic Iran Participation Front 1 (1999)
4 Nasrin Soltankhah
(b. 1963)
Nasrin Soltankhah 1 April 2003 21 January 2007 Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran 2 (2003)
5 Alireza Dabir
(b. 1977)
Alireza Dabir 21 January 2007 3 September 2013 Islamic Society of Engineers 3 (2006)
6 Morteza Talaie
(b. 1957)
Morteza Talaie 3 September 2013 Incumbent Islamic Society of Engineers 4 (2013)

See also

External links

  • Islamic City Council of Tehran, the council's website (in Persian)


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