Balkan languages

This is a list of languages spoken in regions ruled by Balkan countries. With the exception of several Turkic languages, Hungarian, and Circassian, all of them belong to the Indo-European family. A subset of these languages is notable for forming a well-studied sprachbund, a group of languages that have developed some striking structural similarities over time.

Indo-European languages


  • Arvanitika
    • Northwestern Arvanitika
    • Southcentral Arvanitika
    • Thracean Arvanitika
  • Gheg
  • Tosk

Hellenic languages

Romance languages

Slavic languages

Western South Slavic

Transitional dialects

Eastern South Slavic

Indo-Aryan languages

Uralic languages

Turkic languages

Ibero-Caucasian languages

Extinct languages

These are extinct languages that were once spoken in the Balkans

See also

ast:Llinguas de los Balcanes

pl:Języki bałkańskie tr:Balkan Dilleri

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