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Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Lebanon Region

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Title: Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Lebanon Region  
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Subject: Lebanese National Movement, March 8 Alliance, Lebanese National Resistance Front, Isam al-Qadi, National Command of the Ba'ath Party
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Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Lebanon Region

Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Lebanon Region
Leader Fayez Shukr
Founded 1966 (1966)
Headquarters Beirut, Lebanon
Ideology Ba'athism
Religion Secular
National affiliation March 8 Alliance
International affiliation Syrian-led Ba'ath Party
Colors Black, Red, White and Green (Pan-Arab colors)
Parliament of Lebanon
2 / 128
Party flag
Politics of Lebanon
Political parties

The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Lebanon Region (Arabic: حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي في لبنانHizb Al-Ba'ath Al-Arabi Al-Ishtiraki fi Lubnan), officially the Lebanon Regional Branch, is the regional branch of the Damascus-based Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party in Lebanon. Fayez Shukr has been party leader since 2005 when he succeeded Sayf al-Din Ghazi who in turn succeeded Assem Qanso.

The Lebanese branch of the undivided Ba'ath Party had been formed in 1949–1950.[1] [5] In July 1987 it took part in forming yet another front, the Unification and Liberation Front.[6]

In the 2009 parliamentary election, the party won two seats as part of the March 8 Alliance. The parliamentarians of the party are Assem Qanso and Qassem Hashem.[7]

Party leaders

  • Mahmoud Baydoun (1966–1969)
  • Magali Nasrawin (1969–1971)
  • Assem Qanso (1971–1989)
  • Abdullah Al-Amin (1989–1993)
  • Abdallah Chahal (1993–1996)
  • Sayf al-Din Ghazi (1996–2000)
  • Assem Qanso (2000–2005)
  • Sayf al-Din Ghazi (2005–2006)
  • Fayez Shukr (2006–present)


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