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ABU TV Song Festival 2013

The ABU TV Song Festival 2013 was the second annual edition of the ABU TV Song Festivals. The festival, which is non-competitive, that took place on 26 October 2013 in the Hanoi Opera House, Hanoi, Vietnam and coinciding with the 50th general assembly of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) which took place between 23 and 29 October 2013.[1][2] Sixteen songs from fifteen countries participated in the second edition of the event. Brunei, , Kyrgyzstan, and Thailand made their début at the festival[3]


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Hanoi Opera House, venue for the ABU TV Song Festival 2013

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the country's second largest city. Its population in 2009 was estimated at 2.6 million for urban districts,[4] 6.5 million for the metropolitan jurisdiction.[5] From 1010 until 1802, it was the most important political centre of Vietnam. It was eclipsed by Huế, the imperial capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945), but Hanoi served as the capital of French Indochina from 1902 to 1954. From 1954 to 1976, it was the capital of North Việt Nam, and it became the capital of a reunified Vietnam in 1976, after the North's victory in the Vietnam war.

The city is located on the right bank of the Red River. Hanoi is located at 1,760 km (1,090 mi) north of Ho Chi Minh City and at 120 km (75 mi) west of Hai Phong city.

Initially, Vietnam Cultural Friendship Hall was chosen as the festival's venue. The venue was later changed to Hanoi Opera House, which was smaller in terms of capacity (nearly 600 seats in comparison to 1100 seats of the former)

National host broadcaster

Vietnam Television will be the host broadcaster for the second edition of the annual Song Festival. The venue for the 2013 TV Song Festival is the Hanoi Opera House in central Hanoi, Vietnam.[1][2]


Unlike the format used in the Eurovision Song Contest there are two versions of the ABU Song Festivals. The ABU Radio Song Festival which is a biennial competitive event and the ABU TV Song Festival which is an annual non-competitive event. The TV Song Festival is scheduled to take place on 26 October 2013, in conjunction with the 50th ABU General Assembly which takes place between 23 and 29 October 2013.[1] During the TV Festival, musicians from participating countries will perform a song from their repertoire in a musical gala presentation.

Participating countries

A total of fifteen countries took part in the 2013 ABU TV Song Festival.[3]
Draw Country[6] Language Artist[6] Song[6] English translation
01  Thailand Thai Kandy "Aeb saeb" Hidden love, Hidden fun
02  Brunei Malay Qeez Idrus[7] "Salahkah Aku"[7] Am I to Blame
03  Hong Kong Mandarin Mag Lam (林欣彤)[8] "Shi Jian"(時間)[8] Time
04  Indonesia Indonesian Putri and Shella[9] "Mimpiku" [9] My Dream
05  Vietnam Vietnamese Văn Mai Hương[10] "Là em đó"[10] It's me
06  Australia English Justice Crew[11] "Boom Boom" and "Everybody" (mashup)[11] -
07  Malaysia Malay Alyah "Kisah hati" A Heart's Story
08  Iran Persian Mohsen Mirzadeh (محسن میرزازاده)[12] "Arman" (رمان)[12] Wish
09  Kyrgyzstan Kyrghyz Tola Tursunaliev (Тола Турсуналиев)[13] "Enekeme"(Энэкеме)[13] Mother
10  Japan Japanese May'n (メイン)[14] "ViViD"[14] -
11  Sri Lanka English Sarith & Surith[15] "Together, Forever"[15] -
12  Singapore Tamil, English Shabir[16] "Maybe"[16] -
13  Afghanistan Dari Shahzad Adeel (شهزاد عادل) "Ma Ba Tu'em (ما به تو ایم) We Are With You
14  China Mandarin Splendid7 "Ài ràng wǒmen zài yīqǐ" (爱让我们在一起) Love will keep us together
15  South Korea Korean, English Sistar "Give It to Me" -
16  Vietnam Vietnamese Ngũ Cung "Cao nguyên đá" Highland plateau

International broadcasts

Each participating country was invited to broadcast the event across their respective networks and provide commentary in the native languages to add insight and description to the shows.[17]

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  • Official website
  • ABU TV Song Festival at ESCKAZ

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