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Mrtva priroda

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Title: Mrtva priroda  
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Subject: Serbian rock, Bora Đorđević, Momčilo Bajagić, Pionir Hall, Sick Mother Fakers, Čokolada (album), Riblja Čorba discography
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Mrtva priroda

Mrtva priroda
Riblja Čorba
Released November 3, 1981
Recorded Maison Rouge Studio, London
Genre Hard rock
Heavy metal
Length 32:18
Producer John McCoy
Riblja Čorba chronology

Pokvarena mašta i prljave strasti
Mrtva priroda
U ime naroda

Mrtva priroda (trans. Still Life) is the third studio album from Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band Riblja Čorba, released in 1981.

The album was polled in 1998 as the 19th on the list of 100 greatest Yugoslav rock and pop albums in the book YU 100: najbolji albumi jugoslovenske rok i pop muzike (YU 100: The Best albums of Yugoslav pop and rock music).[1]

Background and recording

For the first time, a Riblja Čorba album featured a song written entirely by the guitarist Momčilo Bajagić, "Ja sam se ložio na tebe". Nevertheless, Riblja Čorba frontman Bora Đorđević remained the band's main author, with six songs written by him.

The album was produced by John McCoy. In his 2011 book, Šta je pesnik hteo da kaže, Đorđević recalls how the band decided to hire McCoy:

Đorđević also states that the band was offered to record the album in one of the studios in which Deep Purple recorded Deep Purple In Rock, but refused, as PGP-RTB had just bought new equipment for their Studio V, so McCoy and Tony Taverner, who was in charge of recording, travelled to Belgrade.[2]

Đorđević states that he did not want to put "Vetar duva, duva, duva", a short humorous song about cannabis, on the album, but was persuaded to do so by the rest of the members.

Album cover

The album cover was designed by Jugoslav Vlahović.

Track listing

No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "Volim, volim, volim, volim žene" ("I Love, I Love, I Love, I Love Women")B. ĐorđevićB. Đorđević 2:20
2. "Ne veruj ženi koja puši Drinu bez filtera (Ostavi je)" ("Don't Believe a Woman that Smokes Non-Filter Drina (Leave Her)")B. ĐorđevićM. Bajagić 3:22
3. "Ja sam se ložio na tebe" ("I Was Hot for You")M. BajagićM. Bajagić 3:26
4. "Prevara" ("Deceit")B. ĐorđevićM. Aleksić, V. Milatović 3:10
5. "Pobeći negde" ("To Run Away Somewhere")B. ĐorđevićR. Kojić 5:18
6. "Pekar, lekar, apotekar" ("Baker, doctor, pharmacist")B. ĐorđevićB. Đorđević 2:48
7. "Odlazak u grad" ("Leaving to the City")B. ĐorđevićM. Aleksić, M. Bajagić 2:48
8. "Vetar duva, duva, duva" ("The Wind Blows, Blows, Blows")B. ĐorđevićB. Đorđević 2:33
9. "Na zapadu ništa novo" ("All Quiet On The Western Front")B. ĐorđevićB. Đorđević 2:33
10. "Neću da ispadnem životinja" ("I Don't Want to Be an Animal")B. ĐorđevićB. Đorđević 3:40

2006 CD reissue bonus track

No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
11. "Intervju sa Borom Đorđevićem" ("An Interview with Bora Đorđević")   37:09


Guest musicians

Additional personnel

  • John McCoy - producer
  • Tony Taverner - recorded by

Reception and "Na zapadu ništa novo" scandal

Three weeks after the album was released it sold 100,000 copies, which made Mrtva Priroda the fastest-selling album in the history of Yugoslav rock music. By the end of the year it sold 450,000 copies. Several songs became hits: "Neću da ispadnem životinja","Pekar, lekar, apotekar", "Volim, volim žene" and "Na zapadu ništa novo".

"Na zapadu ništa novo" (named after Erich Maria Remarque's novel All Quiet on the Western Front) was the band's first song with political-related lyrics. League of Communist Youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina demanded Mrtva priroda to be banned because of the lyrics "Za ideale ginu budale" ("Fools get killed for their ideas") and "Kreteni dižu bune i ginu" ("Jerks organize uprisings and get killed") from the song. Before the Sarajevo concert on Mrtva priroda tour, Đorđević had to write an explanation for this problematic lyrics and sign a statement that he would sing the song "Na zapadu ništa novo" on his own risk.


The album was polled in 1998 as the 19th on the list of 100 greatest Yugoslav rock and pop albums in the book YU 100: najbolji albumi jugoslovenske rok i pop muzike (YU 100: The Best albums of Yugoslav pop and rock music).[3]


  • Serbian girl group Aska included passages from "Volim, volim, volim, volim žene" and "Pekar, lekar, apotekar" into the medley "Koktel" ("Coctail") on their 1982 album Disco Rock.[4]
  • Serbian hardcore punk band Sick Mother Fakers released a cover of "Odlazak u grad" on their 1998 album Lako ćemo.[5]
  • Serbian punk rock band Six Pack released a cover of "Na zapadu ništa novo" on their 2000 album Minut ćutanja.[6]
  • Serbian pop punk band Lude Krawe released a cover of "Vetar duva, duva, duva" (alongside a cover of song "Dva dinara, druže" from Riblja Čorba's album Pokvarena mašta i prljave strasti) on their 2007 cover album Sve tuđe.[7]


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