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List of FIPS region codes (A-C)


List of FIPS region codes (A-C)

This is a list of FIPS 10-4 region codes from A-C, using a standardized name format, and cross-linking to articles.

On September 2, 2008, FIPS 10-4 was one of ten standards withdrawn by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard.[1] The list here is the last version of codes. For earlier versions, see link below.

AC: Antigua and Barbuda

AE: United Arab Emirates

AF: Afghanistan

AG: Algeria

AJ: Azerbaijan

  • AJ01: Abşeron Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ02: Ağcabǝdi Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ03: Ağdam Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ04: Ağdaş Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ05: Ağstafa Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ06: Ağsu Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ07: Əli Bayramlı City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ08: Astara Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ09: Bakı City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ10: Balakǝn Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ11: Bǝrdǝ Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ12: Beylǝqan Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ13: Biläsuvar Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ14: Cǝbrayıl Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ15: Cǝlilabad Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ16: Daşkǝsǝn Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ17: Dǝvǝçi Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ18: Füzuli Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ19: Gǝdǝbǝy Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ20: Gǝncǝ City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ21: Goranboy Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ22: Göyçay Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ23: Hacıqabul Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ24: İmişli Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ25: İsmayıllı Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ26: Kǝlbǝcǝr Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ27: Kürdämir Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ28: Laçın Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ29: Lǝnkǝran Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ30: Lǝnkǝran City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ31: Lerik Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ32: Masallı Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ33: Mingǝcevir City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ34: Naftalan City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ35: Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan
  • AJ36: Neftçala Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ37: Oğuz Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ38: Qǝbǝlǝ Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ39: Qax Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ40: Qazax Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ41: Qobustan Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ42: Quba Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ43: Qubadlı Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ44: Qusar Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ45: Saatlı Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ46: Sabirabad Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ47: Şǝki Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ48: Şǝki City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ49: Salyan Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ50: Şamaxı Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ51: Şǝmkir Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ52: Samux Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ53: Siyǝzǝn Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ54: Sumqayıt Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ55: Şuşa Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ56: Şuşa City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ57: Tǝrtǝr Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ58: Tovuz Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ59: Ucar Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ60: Xaçmaz Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ61: Xankǝndi City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ62: Goygol Rayon, Azerbaijan, formerly Xanlar Rayon
  • AJ63: Xızı Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ64: Xocalı Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ65: Xocavǝnd Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ66: Yardımlı Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ67: Yevlax Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ68: Yevlax City, Azerbaijan
  • AJ69: Zǝngilan Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ70: Zaqatala Rayon, Azerbaijan
  • AJ71: Zǝrdab Rayon, Azerbaijan

AL: Albania

AM: Armenia

AN: Andorra

AO: Angola

AR: Argentina

AS: Australia

AU: Austria

BA: Bahrain

BB: Barbados

BC: Botswana

BD: Bermuda

BE: Belgium

BF: The Bahamas

BG: Bangladesh

BH: Belize

BK: Bosnia and Herzegovina

BL: Bolivia

BM: Burma

BN: Benin

BO: Belarus

BP: Solomon Islands

BR: Brazil

BT: Bhutan

BU: Bulgaria

BX: Brunei

BY: Burundi

CA: Canada

CB: Cambodia

CD: Chad

CE: Sri Lanka

CF: Congo

CG: Democratic Republic of the Congo

CH: China

CI: Chile

CJ: Cayman Islands

  • CJ01: Creek District, Cayman Islands
  • CJ02: Eastern District, Cayman Islands
  • CJ03: Midland District, Cayman Islands
  • CJ04: South Town District, Cayman Islands
  • CJ05: Spot Bay District, Cayman Islands
  • CJ06: Stake Bay District, Cayman Islands
  • CJ07: West End District, Cayman Islands
  • CJ08: Western District, Cayman Islands

CM: Cameroon

CN: Comoros

CO: Colombia

  • CO01: Amazonas Department, Colombia
  • CO02: Antioquia Department, Colombia
  • CO03: Arauca Department, Colombia
  • CO04: Atlántico Department, Colombia
  • CO08: Caquetá Department, Colombia
  • CO09: Cauca Department, Colombia
  • CO10: Cesar Department, Colombia
  • CO11: Chocó Department, Colombia
  • CO12: Córdoba Department, Colombia
  • CO14: Guaviare Department, Colombia
  • CO15: Guainía Department, Colombia
  • CO16: Huila Department, Colombia
  • CO17: Guajira Department, Colombia
  • CO19: Meta Department, Colombia
  • CO20: Nariño Department, Colombia
  • CO21: Norte de Santander Department, Colombia
  • CO22: Putumayo Department, Colombia
  • CO23: Quindío Department, Colombia
  • CO24: Risaralda Department, Colombia
  • CO25: San Andrés and Providencia Department, Colombia
  • CO26: Santander Department, Colombia
  • CO27: Sucre Department, Colombia
  • CO28: Tolima Department, Colombia
  • CO29: Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia
  • CO30: Vaupés Department, Colombia
  • CO31: Vichada Department, Colombia
  • CO32: Casanare Department, Colombia
  • CO33: Cundinamarca Department, Colombia
  • CO34: Bogotá Capital District, Colombia
  • CO35: Bolívar Department, Colombia
  • CO36: Boyacá Department, Colombia
  • CO37: Caldas Department, Colombia
  • CO38: Magdalena Department, Colombia

CS: Costa Rica

CT: Central African Republic

CU: Cuba

CV: Cape Verde

CY: Cyprus

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