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Iso 3166-2:az

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Title: Iso 3166-2:az  
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Iso 3166-2:az

ISO 3166-2:AZ is the entry for codes for the names of the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1.

Currently for Azerbaijan, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for two levels of subdivisions:

The eleven municipalities have special status equal to the rayons. Şuşa, the disputed municipality, has been removed from the list.

Each code consists of two parts, separated by a hyphen. The first part is AZ, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of Azerbaijan. The second part is either of the following:

  • two letters: autonomous republic and municipalities
  • three letters: rayons


  • Current codes 1
    • Autonomous republic 1.1
    • Municipalities and rayons 1.2
  • Changes 2
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Current codes

Subdivision names are listed as in the ISO 3166-2 standard published by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (ISO 3166/MA).

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Autonomous republic

Code Subdivision Name (az) Subdivision Name (en)
AZ-NX Naxçıvan Nakhchivan

Municipalities and rayons

Code Subdivision Name (az) Subdivision Name (en)
[note 1]
Subdivision category In autonomous republic
AZ-BA Bakı Baku municipality
AZ-GA Gəncə Ganja municipality
AZ-LA Lənkəran Lankaran municipality
AZ-MI Mingəçevir Mingachevir municipality
AZ-NA Naftalan Naftalan municipality
AZ-NV Naxçıvan Nakhchivan municipality NX
AZ-SA Şəki Shaki municipality
AZ-SR Şirvan Shirvan municipality
AZ-SM Sumqayit Sumqayıt municipality
AZ-XA Xankəndi Stepanakert municipality
AZ-YE Yevlax Yevlakh municipality
AZ-ABS Abşeron Absheron rayon
AZ-AGC Ağcabədi Aghjabadi rayon
AZ-AGM Ağdam Agdam rayon
AZ-AGS Ağdaş Agdash rayon
AZ-AGA Ağstafa Agstafa rayon
AZ-AGU Ağsu Agsu rayon
AZ-AST Astara Astara rayon
AZ-BAB Babək Babek rayon NX
AZ-BAL Balakən Balakan rayon
AZ-BAR Bərdə Barda rayon
AZ-BEY Beyləqan Beylagan rayon
AZ-BIL Biləsuvar Bilasuvar rayon
AZ-CAB Cəbrayıl Jabrayil rayon
AZ-CAL Cəlilabad Jalilabad rayon
AZ-CUL Culfa Julfa rayon NX
AZ-DAS Daşkəsən Dashkasan rayon
AZ-FUZ Füzuli Fuzuli rayon
AZ-GAD Gədəbəy Gadabay rayon
AZ-GOR Goranboy Goranboy rayon
AZ-GOY Göyçay Goychay rayon
AZ-GYG Göygöl Goygol rayon
AZ-HAC Hacıqabul Hajigabul rayon
AZ-IMI İmişli Imishli rayon
AZ-ISM İsmayıllı Ismailli rayon
AZ-KAL Kəlbəcər Kalbajar rayon
AZ-KAN Kǝngǝrli Kangarli rayon NX
AZ-KUR Kürdəmir Kurdamir rayon
AZ-LAC Laçın Lachin rayon
AZ-LAN Lənkəran Lankaran rayon
AZ-LER Lerik Lerik rayon
AZ-MAS Masallı Masally rayon
AZ-NEF Neftçala Neftchala rayon
AZ-OGU Oğuz Oghuz rayon
AZ-ORD Ordubad Ordubad rayon NX
AZ-QAB Qəbələ Qbala rayon
AZ-QAX Qax Qakh rayon
AZ-QAZ Qazax Qazakh rayon
AZ-QOB Qobustan Gobustan rayon
AZ-QBA Quba Quba rayon
AZ-QBI Qubadli Qubadlı rayon
AZ-QUS Qusar Qusar rayon
AZ-SAT Saatlı Saatly rayon
AZ-SAB Sabirabad Sabirabad rayon
AZ-SBN Şabran Shabran rayon
AZ-SAD Sədərək Sadarak rayon NX
AZ-SAH Şahbuz Shahbuz rayon NX
AZ-SAK Şəki Shaki rayon
AZ-SAL Salyan Salyan rayon
AZ-SMI Şamaxı Shamakhi rayon
AZ-SKR Şəmkir Shamkir rayon
AZ-SMX Samux Samukh rayon
AZ-SAR Şərur Sharur rayon NX
AZ-SIY Siyəzən Siazan rayon
AZ-SUS Şuşa Shusha rayon
AZ-TAR Tərtər Tartar rayon
AZ-TOV Tovuz Tovuz rayon
AZ-UCA Ucar Ujar rayon
AZ-XAC Xaçmaz Khachmaz rayon
AZ-XIZ Xızı Khizi rayon
AZ-XCI Xocalı Khojaly rayon
AZ-XVD Xocavənd Khojavend rayon
AZ-YAR Yardımlı Yardymli rayon
AZ-YEV Yevlax Yevlakh rayon
AZ-ZAN Zəngilan Zangilan rayon
AZ-ZAQ Zaqatala Zaqatala rayon
AZ-ZAR Zərdab Zardab rayon
  1. ^ For reference only, English Name not included in the ISO 3166-2 standard.


The following changes to the entry have been announced in newsletters by the ISO 3166/MA since the first publication of ISO 3166-2 in 1998:

Newsletter Date issued Description of change in newsletter Code/Subdivision change
Newsletter I-2 2002-05-21 Correction of one code and four spelling errors. Notification of the rayons belonging to the autonomous republic Codes:
Naxçıvan: AZ-MMAZ-NX
Newsletter II-3 2011-12-13
Alphabetical re-ordering, name change of administrative places, first level prefix addition and source list update Subdivisions added:
AZ-KAN Kǝngǝrli
AZ-NV Naxçıvan (municipality)
Subdivisions deleted:
AZ-SS Şuşa
AZ-AB Əli Bayramlı → AZ-SR Şirvan
AZ-DAV Dəvəçi → AZ-SBN Şabran
AZ-XAN Xanlar → AZ-GYG Göygöl

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