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Crows Zero

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Title: Crows Zero  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Takashi Miike, Eirin, Meisa Kuroki, Sousuke Takaoka, Yuri Lowenthal, Shun Oguri, Yutaka Matsushige, Kazuki Namioka
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Crows Zero

Crows Zero
Directed by Takashi Miike
Produced by Mataichiro Yamamoto
Written by Manga:
Hiroshi Takahashi
Shogo Muto
Starring Shun Oguri
Shunsuke Daitō
Suzunosuke Tanaka
Sousuke Takaoka
Kyōsuke Yabe
Takayuki Yamada
Music by Naoki Otsubo
The Street Beats (band)
Cinematography Takumi Furuya
Editing by Shuichi Kakesu
Tomoki Nagasaka
Release date(s) Japan October 27, 2007
Singapore March 20, 2008
US March 31, 2009
Running time 129 min.
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Box office $22,036,607[1]

Crows Zero (クローズZERO Kurōzu Zero?) is a film based on the manga Crows by Hiroshi Takahashi. The film was directed by Takashi Miike, written by Shogo Muto and stars Shun Oguri and Takayuki Yamada. The movie tells the untold story behind the characters in Suzuran, a violent high school.[2]


The plot begins when Takiya Genji (Shun Oguri), the son of a Yakuza boss named Takiya Hideo, enters Suzuran All-Boys High School as a transferred senior with the goal of conquering it. During the freshman orientation assembly Yakuza arrive at the school seeking third-year senior Serizawa Tamao to avenge an injury. To show his worth, Genji fights and defeats the Yakuza, who mistake him for Tamao. One of the Yakuza, Katagiri Ken is impressed by Genji's skills. Meanwhile, Serizawa greets his best friend Tatsukawa Tokio, who is discharged from a hospital, claiming that he is in good health. Serizawa quietly dismisses Tokio's claim and takes his motorbike to ensure he won't get harmed, slightly insulted that Tokio would lie to him. Serizawa drives back to the school to witness Genji brutally finish off the last of the yakuza thugs. The two briefly take in the looming threat of each other's presence before Serizawa is arrested for riding a motorbike without a driver's license.

After the intro, Genji goes to a nightclub, where he meets the R&B singer Aizawa Ruka. Soon after, he declares to his father his ambition to surpass him by succeeding where he failed: conquering Suzuran. Genji makes him promise to acknowledge him as his successor should he succeed. The next day, Genji attempts to fight Serizawa on the roof for the top spot of Suzuran only to be stopped by Tokio, who was his childhood friend before meeting Serizawa. He tells Genji to take down Rindaman, a legendary figure in the school, before approaching Serizawa again. However, Rindaman ignores Genji's challenge, who ends up encountering Katagiri Ken. Ken attacks Genji for getting his gang arrested, but is taken down by a single punch and quickly surrenders. He takes Genji to a quiet bar in order to chat about Suzuran.

Ken tells Genji that he was in Suzuran as well, and came close to ruling it, but failed and ended up being a dropout. He offers to teach Genji about leadership and influencing others to join his army in order to correct Genji's lack of strategy in his ambition. Genji follows Ken's advice, written in a small notebook, and manages to easily conquer his class by defeating its leader, Tamura Chūta, admitting him into his army. Meanwhile, the Mikami Brothers of Class B join Serizawa's army, who then approach Class C's leader, Makise Takashi. However, Makise maintains a neutral position, claiming that even if Serizawa beats him in a fight, his men will never follow an enemy leader.

Genji decides to acquire Makise by exploiting his weakness for sex. Ken arranges a group date (with the girls provided by Genji through Ruka), but due to Makise's obvious awkwardness around women the date flops miserably. Despite this, Makise joins Genji based solely on the friendship formed that day. Meanwhile, a gang known as the Freshmen Trio have managed to take control of their grade level. They are soon provoked by Izaki, a notorious and calculating senior. Later, Izaki proposes joining Genji, but ambushes him instead in order to test his strength. Genji fights valiantly, and Izaki is impressed despite thoroughly defeating Genji . He joins forces with Genji, forming the Genji Perfect Seiha Army.

Serizawa is alarmed by the rapid rise of Genji, but chooses not to take action. A member of his army, Tokaji, takes covert action against the perceived threat by ambushing Izaki and hanging him from a rope, bloodied. This provokes Genji, who is unused to caring for his fellow men, who claims that "This really hurts." Makise stops him from making a rash attack on Serizawa because their army still too small to hold a major fight. Later, Serizawa and Tokio encounter Genji in a pub, but Tokio suffers a seizure and is rushed to a hospital, where he learns that he has a large cerebral aneurysm, and that the surgery required has a 30% success rate. Tokio chooses to go ahead with the operation, confident of his survival.

Angered by the provocations, Genji attacks Serizawa's classes even as Makise tries to stop him. Chūta is also ambushed by Tokaji, and as Genji tries to leave to attack Serizawa, Makise finally decides to leave the GPS Army stating that he cannot follow a leader without control. Ken tries to encourage Genji, and learns that Genji 's father is Hideo Takiya, a former associate and head of the Yakuza family feuding with Ken's.

Tokaji covertly tries to arranges a deal with Bandō Hideto, a second year and a leader in the biker gang The Front of Armament, to kidnap Ruka to further provoke Genji and throw him off his focus. Meanwhile, Genji challenges Makise to a fight with the condition that if he wins Makise would follow him again. Makise forgives Genji with their familiar "Take all" gesture that the two shared on the night they became friends. Genji holds back his tears of gratitude and playfully flips off Makise, the bond sealed again. Ken's boss, Yazaki Jōji asks Ken to kill Genji, disregarding the fact that killing the heir to a Yakuza family would entail an all-out war. Izaki returns from the hospital and is given an awkward but warm welcome back by Genji and his gang. Ken's order to kill Genji bears too much on his conscience and he informs Genji's father of Yazaki's plan to kill his son. Ken decides that he will not do as he was asked, and suffer the Yakuza punishment for disobedience - death. Ruka calls Genji, telling him that she is abducted and that her abductors wore jackets with skulls on the backs. Realizing that they are from The Front of Armament, the GPS Army gathers and makes their advancement to the Narai Warehouse, The Front's headquarters.

A fight ensues and Bandō is impressed by Genji 's strength. He calls an end to fight to ask why Genji has chosen to oppose The Front of Armament. After Genji states that Ruka was abducted by men wearing jackets bearing skulls Bandō reveals that he has sealed the skulls until his group gains control of The Front and that none of his men bear the skulls on their backs. He then states that he'll forgive their unprovoked attack if Makise cuts off one of his ears as payment, only to be further impressed by Genji for his willingness to lose both his own ears in Makise's place. Bandō stops his knife hand at the last moment and informs Genji that Tokaji might be behind the whole farce, as well as where to find him. After finding Ruka there, Genji is finally bent for war against Serizawa. Serizawa, who had not been aware of their actions, punishes Tokaji and agrees with Genji's proposal of an all-out battle on the school grounds. They decide to fight at 5 PM, the same time that Tokio will undergo his operation, with the idea that Serizawa will fight alongside Tokio. The two share a cold stare down and leave. The next day, the two armies meet across the rain soaked school ground, with Serizawa' army being 100 strong and GPS having 70. The two armies shout their battle cries and charge at each other.

As the battle enters full swing, the Freshmen Trio comment on the battle's balance. The battle goes in Serizawa's favour, even though the GPS army fights strongly. Bandō's faction of The Front of Armament joins the battle midway on GPS' side, evening the odds. Towards the end, only Serizawa and Genji are left fighting. Meanwhile, Ken's boss takes him to a dock to be executed for his disobedience. He gives Ken his coat, stating that Ken had always wanted to wear it (aspired to becoming a Yakuza leader). He then shoots Ken, who cries out to Genji before falling into the sea sinking.

The battle drags into the evening as Genji and Serizawa continue to pound on each other, both badly damaged and exhausted. Genji gains the upper hand and wins the fight against Serizawa, who receives a call informing him that Tokio's operation was a success. Ken suddenly recovers and swims to the surface, realizing that Yazaki's coat was bulletproof. Having defeated Serizawa, Genji finally challenges Rindaman, stating that he has to be defeated if Genji is to be titled the king of Suzuran. Rindaman replies that Suzuran can never be conquered, as there is always someone left to defeat. The film ends as Genji attacks Rindaman.

Gangs of Suzuran

1. Genji Perfect Seiha

  • Takiya Genji
  • Tamura Chūta
  • Makise Takashi
  • Izaki Shun

2. Serizawa Army

  • Serizawa Tamao
  • Tokaji Yūji
  • Tsutsumoto Shōji
  • Tatsukawa Tokio
  • The Mikami Brothers

3. The Front of Armament (Second Year, Biker Gang)

  • Bandō Hideto

4. Ebizuka Junior High Trio (First Year)

  • Kirishima Hiromi
  • Honjō Toshiaki
  • Sugihara Makoto

5. Rindaman


  • Shun Oguri as Takiya Genji
  • Takayuki Yamada as Serizawa Tamao
  • Meisa Kuroki as Aizawa Ruka
  • Kyōsuke Yabe as Katagiri Ken
  • Kenta Kiritani as Tatsukawa Tokio
  • Suzunosuke Tanaka as Tamura Chūta
  • Sousuke Takaoka as Izaki Shun
  • Goro Kishitani as Takiya Hideo
  • Fukami Motoki as Rindaman / Hayashida Megumi
  • Yusuke Izaki as Mikami Takeshi
  • Hisato Izaki as Mikami Manabu
  • Shunsuke Daito as Kirishima Hiromi
  • Yusuke Kamiji as Tsutsumoto Shōji
  • Tsutomu Takahashi as Makise Takashi
  • Yu Koyanagi as Sugihara Makoto
  • Kaname Endo as Tokaji Yūji
  • Watanabe Dai as Bandō Hideto
  • Ryo Hashizume as Honjō Toshiaki
  • Kazuki Namioka as Washio Gōta


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