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List of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber characters

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Title: List of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber characters  
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Language: English
Subject: The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Condor Trilogy, Zhang Guoli, Heroes of Jin Yong, Zhang Tielin
Collection: Condor Trilogy, Lists of Jin Yong Characters, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
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List of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber characters

The following is a list of characters from the wuxia novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber by Jin Yong (Louis Cha).


  • Main characters 1
  • Ming Cult 2
    • Heavenly Eagle Cult 2.1
    • Persian Ming Cult 2.2
  • Yuan Empire 3
  • Wudang Sect 4
  • Emei Sect 5
  • Shaolin Sect 6
  • Kunlun Sect 7
  • Mount Hua Sect 8
  • Kongtong Sect 9
  • Beggars' Sect 10
  • Zhu and Wu families 11
  • Others 12
  • References 13

Main characters

Ming Cult

  • The Bright Left and Right Messengers serve as the cult leader's deputies. They are:
    • Yang Xiao (traditional Chinese: 楊逍; simplified Chinese: 杨逍; pinyin: Yáng Xiāo; Jyutping: Joeng4 Siu1) is the Bright Left Messenger (光明左使). He served as the cult's acting leader during its period of internal conflict, and later as an adviser to Zhang Wuji after the latter became the cult's leader. In the earlier revisions of the novel, Zhang Wuji names him the new leader of the Ming Cult before leaving with Zhao Min. He is Ji Xiaofu's lover and Yang Buhui's father.
    • Fan Yao (traditional Chinese: 范遙; simplified Chinese: 范遥; pinyin: Fàn Yáo; Jyutping: Faan6 Jiu4) is the Bright Right Messenger (光明右使). He disfigured himself and disguised himself as a mute monk called Kutoutuo (traditional Chinese: 苦頭陀; simplified Chinese: 苦头陀; pinyin: Kǔ Tóutuó; Jyutping: Fu2 Tau4-to4) so that he could infiltrate Chaghan Temür's army and work as a spy for the Ming Cult.
  • The Four Guardian Kings (四大護教法王) assist the leader in overseeing the cult's activities. They are ranked in order of seniority:
    • Daiqisi (traditional Chinese: 黛綺絲; simplified Chinese: 黛绮丝; pinyin: Dàiqǐsī; Jyutping: Doi6-ji2-si1), nicknamed "Purple Dress Dragon King" (traditional Chinese: 紫衫龍王; simplified Chinese: 紫衫龙王; pinyin: Zǐshān Lóngwáng; Jyutping: Zi2-saam1 Lung4-wong4), is a half-Persian and half-Chinese who is described to have a beautiful appearance. She is one of the three "Sacred Maidens" of the Persian Ming Cult and was sent to China to search for the lost manual of the skill 'Heaven and Earth Great Shift' (乾坤大挪移). She broke her vow of celibacy when she married Han Qianye, settled on Divine Snake Island with him, and bore him a daughter, Xiaozhao. She disguises herself as an old hag and calls herself "Golden Flower Granny" (Chinese: 金花婆婆; pinyin: Jīnhuā Pópó; Jyutping: Gam1-faa1 Po4-po4) to avoid being identified by the Persian Ming Cult.
    • Yin Tianzheng (Chinese: 殷天正; pinyin: Yīn Tiānzhèng; Jyutping: Jan1 Tin1-zeng3), nicknamed "White Brows Eagle King" (traditional Chinese: 白眉鷹王; simplified Chinese: 白眉鹰王; pinyin: Báiméi Yīngwáng; Jyutping: Baak6-mei4 Jing1-wong4), is Yin Yewang and Yin Susu's father, and Zhang Wuji's maternal grandfather. He left the Ming Cult during its internal conflict and founded the Heavenly Eagle Cult (天鷹教). He dies from exhaustion while trying to save Xie Xun by fighting against the three Shaolin elders.
    • Xie Xun (traditional Chinese: 謝遜; simplified Chinese: 谢逊; pinyin: Xiè Xùn; Jyutping: Ze6 Seon3) is nicknamed "Golden Haired Lion King" (traditional Chinese: 金毛獅王; simplified Chinese: 金毛狮王; pinyin: Jīnmáo Shīwáng; Jyutping: Gam1-mou4 Si1-wong4). His most powerful skill is the 'Lion's Roar' (獅子吼), in which he uses his voice to project his inner energy and cause internal injuries to everyone nearby who hears his roar. His family was murdered by his former mentor Cheng Kun, who disappeared after committing the atrocity. Guided by fury, he went on a rampage to kill many people and push the blame to Cheng Kun, in the hope of forcing him out of hiding, but to no avail. Yin Susu throws her darts at him in self-defence when he is about to attack her during a fit of insanity, and he is blinded as a consequence. He becomes the godfather of Zhang Wuji, whom he names in memory of his own deceased son, Xie Wuji. The families and associates of Xie Xun's victims forgive him after his final confrontation with Cheng Kun. He becomes a monk eventually to seek peace and redemption for his past misdeeds.
    • Wei Yixiao (traditional Chinese: 韋一笑; simplified Chinese: 韦一笑; pinyin: Wéi Yīxiào; Jyutping: Wai4 Jat1-siu3) is nicknamed "Blue Winged Bat King" (Chinese: 青翼蝠王; pinyin: Qīngyì Fúwáng; Jyutping: Cing1-jik6 Fuk1-wong4). His prowess in qinggong is unmatched in the jianghu. He once accidentally infected himself with an icy venom while practising the skill 'Icy Palm'. Since then, he has to suck the warm blood of living creatures (including humans) to keep the freezing poison in his body under control. Zhang Wuji cures him later by using the 'Nine Yang Divine Skill' to purge the venom from his body.
  • Yang Buhui (traditional Chinese: 楊不悔; simplified Chinese: 杨不悔; pinyin: Yáng Bùhuǐ; Jyutping: Joeng4 Bat1-fui3) is Yang Xiao and Ji Xiaofu's daughter. Her name literally means "no regrets" to reflect her mother's love for Yang Xiao. Zhang Wuji helps her escape from Miejue after her mother's death and leads her on a perilous journey to bring her safely to her father. She regards Zhang Wuji as an elder brother for his care and concern towards her. The trauma of witnessing her mother's death makes her become suspicious of anyone who could be a potential enemy and this intensifies her hatred towards Miejue.[1] This is evident in her treatment towards Xiaozhao, when she and her father suspect Xiaozhao of being a spy from the Emei Sect. It also made her extremely protective towards her father and Zhang Wuji, whom she sees as what is left of her family. She falls in love with Yin Liting, her mother's original fiancé, and marries him despite the large age gap between them. They are expecting a child near the end of the novel.
  • Zhu Yuanzhang (Chinese: 朱元璋; pinyin: Zhū Yuánzhāng; Jyutping: Zyu1 Jyun4-zoeng1) is an ambitious minor leader of the cult who eventually unites the rebel forces under his control and leads them to overthrow the Yuan dynasty. He betrays the cult later and becomes the founding emperor of the Ming dynasty.
  • Chang Yuchun (Chinese: 常遇春; pinyin: Cháng Yùchūn; Jyutping: Soeng4 Jyu6-ceon1) is a cult member who travels with Zhang Wuji to Butterfly Valley to seek treatment from Hu Qingniu.
  • Xu Da (traditional Chinese: 徐達; simplified Chinese: 徐达; pinyin: Xú Dá; Jyutping: Ceoi4 Daat6) is a minor leader of the cult. Zhang Wuji presents him with Yue Fei's military text Book of Wumu. Xu Da studies the book and uses his knowledge to lead the rebels to victory in the battles against the Yuan forces.
  • Hu Qingniu (Chinese: 胡青牛; pinyin: Hú Qīngniú; Jyutping: Wu4 Cing1-ngau4) is a physician residing in Butterfly Valley. He is nicknamed "Jiansi Bujiu" (traditional Chinese: 見死不救; simplified Chinese: 见死不救; pinyin: Jiànsǐ Bùjiù; Jyutping: Gin3-sei2 Bat1-gau3; literally: "watch one die and not save him/her") for his odd practice of treating the cult's members free of charge but not others regardless of whatever they are willing to pay. He helps a young Zhang Wuji slow down the effects of his injury caused by the Xuanming Elders, thereby preserving Zhang's life and buying him time to find a way to heal himself. He also indirectly imparts his medical knowledge to Zhang Wuji. He is killed by Golden Flower Granny in revenge because he refused to save her husband's life many years ago. However, in reality, it was beyond Hu's ability to treat Han Qianye's wounds.[2]
  • Wang Nangu (traditional Chinese: 王難姑; simplified Chinese: 王难姑; pinyin: Wáng Nàngū; Jyutping: Wong4 Naan4-gu1) is Hu Qingniu's wife. In contrast with her husband, she uses her mastery of toxicology to kill people. The couple become rivals in a contest, in which Wang will poison someone while Hu will try to save the person's life. She imparts her knowledge to Zhang Wuji. She is killed along with her husband by Golden Flower Granny.
  • Yang Dingtian (traditional Chinese: 陽頂天; simplified Chinese: 阳顶天; pinyin: Yáng Dǐngtiān; Jyutping: Joeng4 Ding2-tin1) was Zhang Wuji's predecessor as the Ming Cult's leader. He was practising the skill 'Heaven and Earth Great Shift' when he discovered his wife's illicit affair with Cheng Kun. He was so infuriated that the inner energy flow in his body was disrupted and he died from the consequent internal injuries.

Heavenly Eagle Cult

  • Yin Susu (Chinese: 殷素素; pinyin: Yīn Sùsù; Jyutping: Jan1 Sou3-sou3) is Yin Tianzheng's daughter and Yin Yewang's younger sister. She meets Zhang Cuishan by coincidence and both of them are cast adrift to Ice Fire Island, where they are married and settled. She gives birth to Zhang Wuji. She follows suit after her husband commits suicide.
  • Yin Yewang (Chinese: 殷野王; pinyin: Yīn Yěwáng; Jyutping: Jan1 Je5-wong4) is Yin Tianzheng's son and Yin Susu's elder brother. He is Yin Li's father and Zhang Wuji's maternal uncle. His first wife (Yin Li's mother) practised the 'Thousand Spiders Venom Hand' (千蛛萬毒手), became infertile and disfigured, and fell out of her husband's favour. Yin Yewang took a concubine who bore him two sons. Yin Li killed her stepmother because she often bullied her mother and fled from home after that. In the earlier editions of the novel, with Zhang Wuji's help, Yin Yewang forgives his daughter and reconciles with her.
  • Yin Li (traditional Chinese: 殷離; simplified Chinese: 殷离; pinyin: Yīn Lí; Jyutping: Jan1 Lei4) is Yin Yewang's daughter. She practises the 'Thousand Spiders Venom Hand', a deadly skill she inherits from her mother and which causes her to become disfigured. She is thus known as Zhu'er (traditional Chinese: 蛛兒; simplified Chinese: 蛛儿; pinyin: Zhū'ér; Jyutping: Zyu1-ji4; literally: "Spider Girl"), a nickname given to her by her mother. Her mother commits suicide to allow her to escape from her father and half-brothers after she killed her stepmother. Her relationship with her father becomes estranged as a consequence. She encounters Golden Flower Granny, who protects her and accepts her as an apprentice. She develops feelings for Zhang Wuji when she first met him in her childhood but does not recognise him when she meets him again later. She is apparently murdered by Zhou Zhiruo but is revealed at the end of the novel to have survived.

Persian Ming Cult

  • Xiaozhao (Chinese: 小昭; pinyin: Xiǎozhāo; Jyutping: Siu2-ziu1) is Han Qianye and Daiqisi's daughter. Her mother sends her as a spy to infiltrate the Ming Cult and find the location of its secret tunnel. Xiaozhao becomes a servant in Yang Xiao's household. The Yangs suspect her of being a spy so they bind her in chains to restrict her movements. Xiaozhao runs into Zhang Wuji and narrowly escapes death with him in the secret tunnel. Xiaozhao falls in love with Zhang Wuji but can never be with him because she has to take her mother's place as a "Sacred Maiden" to save her mother's life. She eventually becomes the new leader of the Persian Ming Cult and returns to its headquarters in Persia. Jin Yong mentioned in the epilogue of the novel that Xiaozhao is his favourite character.[3]

Yuan Empire

  • Lady Han (traditional Chinese: 韓氏女; simplified Chinese: 韩氏女; pinyin: Hán Shì Nǚ; Jyutping: Hon4 Si6 Neoi5) is Chaghan Temür's concubine. She is killed in Wan'an Monastery by Lu Zhangke, who wants to prevent her from telling Chaghan about his sexual advances on her. Lu Zhangke then frames the captured martial artists and Ming Cult members for the murder.
  • The Xuanming Elders (Chinese: 玄冥二老; pinyin: Xuánmíng Èr Lǎo; Jyutping: Jyun4-ming4 Ji6 Lou5) are the apprentices of the late Taoist Baisun (traditional Chinese: 百損道人; simplified Chinese: 百损道人; pinyin: Báisǔn Dàorén; Jyutping: Baak3-syun2 Dou3-jan4). They specialise in the skill 'Xuanming Divine Palm' (玄明神掌) and once used it on Zhang Wuji in his childhood. They serve Chaghan Temür as mercenaries. Later, after seeing how powerful Zhou Zhiruo has become from practising the skills in the Nine Yin Manual, they attempt to seize the book from her, but are unwilling to share it with each other so they start fighting over the manual. Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min show up to help Zhou Zhiruo and defeat the Xuanming Elders. In the earlier editions of the novel, the Elders lose their powers after their last fight with Zhang Wuji. The two Elders are:
  • Huogong Toutuo's students are recruited by Chaghan Temür as mercenaries. They and Cheng Kun massacred the Dragon Gate Escort Agency and paralysed Yu Daiyan. 20 years later, they ambush and injure Yin Liting. They are defeated by Zhang Wuji in a fight. They are:

Wudang Sect

  • The "Seven Heroes of Wudang" (traditional Chinese: 武當七俠; simplified Chinese: 武当七侠; pinyin: Wǔdāng Qī Xiá; Jyutping: Mou5-dong1 Cat1-hap6) are the first seven apprentices of Zhang Sanfeng. They are listed in order of seniority:
    • Song Yuanqiao (traditional Chinese: 宋遠橋; simplified Chinese: 宋远桥; pinyin: Sòng Yuǎnqiáo; Jyutping: Sung3 Jyun5-kiu4) is Song Qingshu's father. Originally a reputable swordsman and the most likely candidate to succeed his master, he is disgraced by his son's misconduct and loses the opportunity to be Wudang's new leader. Zhang Sanfeng orders him to spend the rest of his life in solitude.
    • Yu Lianzhou (traditional Chinese: 俞蓮舟; simplified Chinese: 俞莲舟; pinyin: Yú Liánzhōu; Jyutping: Jyu4 Lin4-zau1) is the most powerful in martial arts among the seven. He is named by Zhang Sanfeng as his successor.
    • Yu Daiyan (traditional Chinese: 俞岱巖; simplified Chinese: 俞岱岩; pinyin: Yú Dàiyán; Jyutping: Jyu4 Doi6-ngaam4) was ambushed and paralysed by Yin Susu[4] and lost the use of his limbs. He receives medical treatment from Zhang Wuji 20 years after his injury but only manages to recover partially and can no longer utilise the full potential of his martial arts.
    • Zhang Songxi (traditional Chinese: 張松溪; simplified Chinese: 张松溪; pinyin: Zhāng Sōngxī; Jyutping: Zoeng1 Cung4-kai1) is the most intelligent among the seven. He occasionally provides advice to his fellows.
    • Zhang Cuishan (traditional Chinese: 張翠山; simplified Chinese: 张翠山; pinyin: Zhāng Cuìshān; Jyutping: Zoeng1 Ceoi3-saan1) has the best understanding of martial arts among the seven. Apart from being an accomplished swordsman, he is also well versed in scholarly arts and calligraphy. His distinctive weapons earn him the nickname "Silver Hook Iron Brush" (traditional Chinese: 銀鉤鐵劃; simplified Chinese: 银钩铁划; pinyin: Yín Gōu Tiě Huà; Jyutping: Ngan4 Ngau1 Tit3 Waak6). He is Zhang Wuji's father and Xie Xun's sworn brother. He meets Yin Susu by chance and they are cast adrift to Ice Fire Island, where they are married and settled there for ten years. He commits suicide after being cornered by martial artists when he refuses to reveal Xie Xun's whereabouts.
    • Yin Liting (Chinese: 殷梨亭; pinyin: Yīn Lítíng; Jyutping: Jan1 Lei4-ting4) was Ji Xiaofu's original fiancé. Their engagement ended when she realised that she loved Yang Xiao and was already pregnant with Yang's child. Many years later, after Yin Liting is injured in the same way as Yu Daiyan, Yang Buhui nurses him back to health and falls in love with him when he is recovering. Yin marries Yang Buhui eventually despite the large age gap between them. They are expecting a child towards the end of the novel.
    • Mo Shenggu (traditional Chinese: 莫聲谷; simplified Chinese: 莫声谷; pinyin: Mò Shēnggǔ; Jyutping: Mok6 Sing1-guk1) is the youngest of the seven and the most hot-tempered one. He tries to discipline Song Qingshu after discovering his voyeuristic attempts on Zhou Zhiruo and the Emei Sect's members, but is accidentally killed by him.
  • Song Qingshu (traditional Chinese: 宋青書; simplified Chinese: 宋青书; pinyin: Sòng Qīngshū; Jyutping: Sung3 Cing1-syu1) is Song Yuanqiao's son. He serves as a foil to Zhang Wuji in the novel. His strong crush on Zhou Zhiruo makes him become extremely jealous when he sees Zhang Wuji and Zhou developing a romantic relationship. That ultimately becomes his weakness because it allows him to be manipulated easily by Chen Youliang and Cheng Kun into doing anything to win Zhou Zhiruo's heart and prove that he is better than Zhang Wuji. After killing Mo Shenggu by accident, he betrays the Wudang Sect and reluctantly joins the Beggars' Sect and helps Chen Youliang. Later, after Zhang Wuji reneges on his promise to marry her, Zhou Zhiruo pretends to marry Song Qingshu and teaches him the 'Nine Yin White Bone Claw' while actually plotting to use him to take her revenge on Zhang. Song is seriously injured at the Lion Slaying Ceremony during a fight against Yu Lianzhou and dies from his wounds on Mount Wudang. In the earlier editions of the novel, he is killed by Zhang Sanfeng as punishment for his crimes.

Emei Sect

  • Guo Xiang (Chinese: 郭襄; pinyin: Guō Xiāng; Jyutping: Gwok3 Soeng1) was the founder of Emei and the younger daughter of Guo Jing and Huang Rong. In the prologue, she met Jueyuan and Zhang Junbao (Zhang Sanfeng) near Shaolin Monastery. Jueyuan recited the Nine Yang Manual to her, Zhang, and Wuse before his death. Guo Xiang's prowess in martial arts improved after she integrated the manual's skills into her existing ones. She inherited the Heaven Sword and knowledge of the secrets in the weapons from her family during the Battle of Xiangyang. After her family members sacrificed their lives to defend Xiangyang from Mongol invaders, she continued to roam the jianghu for years before settling down on Mount Emei, where she founded the Emei Sect. (See for her family tree.)
  • Abbess Miejue (traditional Chinese: 滅絕師太; simplified Chinese: 灭绝师太; pinyin: Mièjué Shītài; Jyutping: Mit6-juet3 Si1-taai3), whose name "Miejue" literally means "destroy and eliminate", is the leader of Emei. She aims to purge the world of evil and make Emei the leading sect in the wulin (martial artists' community). Her dogmatic and extreme views lead her to commit various ethically and morally vicious deeds, including the indiscriminate slaughter of everyone associated with the Ming Cult and unorthodox martial arts sects. She hates the Ming Cult not only because of its "evil" name, but also because of Yang Xiao's indirect involvement in the events leading to Guhongzi's death. At Wan'an Monastery, she names Zhou Zhiruo her successor and plunges to her death from the tower after refusing Zhang Wuji's help.
  • Guhongzi (traditional Chinese: 孤鴻子; simplified Chinese: 孤鸿子; pinyin: Gūhóngzǐ; Jyutping: Gu1-hung4-zi2) was Miejue's senior. He challenged Yang Xiao to a martial arts contest and borrowed Miejue's Heaven-Reliant Sword in the hope that it would give him an advantage. However, he lost to Yang Xiao and the sword was seized from him by Yang before he could even unsheathe it. Yang Xiao made some unkind remarks, threw the sword to the ground and walked away. Guhongzi felt disgraced and insulted and eventually died in frustration. His death caused Miejue to bear a grudge against Yang Xiao and the Ming Cult.
  • Ji Xiaofu (traditional Chinese: 紀曉芙; simplified Chinese: 纪晓芙; pinyin: Jǐ Xiǎofú; Jyutping: Gei3 Hiu2-fu4) is one of Miejue's students who is seen as a potential successor to her teacher. She is originally Yin Liting's fiancée but falls in love with Yang Xiao instead and bears him a daughter. She secretly leaves Emei to raise her child, whom she names "Buhui" (lit. "no regrets") to reflect her love for Yang Xiao. Miejue eventually tracks her down and forces her to kill Yang Xiao, but she refuses and is killed by her teacher in anger.
  • Ding Minjun (Chinese: 丁敏君; pinyin: Dīng Mǐnjūn; Jyutping: Ding1 Man5-gwan1) is one of Miejue's most senior students. She is jealous of their teacher's favouritism towards Ji Xiaofu and later towards Zhou Zhiruo. Peng Yingyu once remarked that she is "ugly in appearance and evil-hearted" (毒手無鹽; lit. "venomous hand without salt") after she blinded his right eye.[5] She once self-appointed herself as Emei's acting leader when Zhou Zhiruo went missing, but her peers were reluctant to follow her because of her selfishness.
  • Bei Jinyi (traditional Chinese: 貝錦儀; simplified Chinese: 贝锦仪; pinyin: Bèi Jǐnyí; Jyutping: Bui3 Gam2-ji4) is one of Miejue's students and a junior of Ding Minjun and Ji Xiaofu. When her teacher orders her and Ding to pursue and kill Yang Buhui, she decides to spare the child on account of her past relations with Ji Xiaofu (Yang Buhui's mother), so she lies to Miejue that Yang has already escaped.

Shaolin Sect

  • Jueyuan (traditional Chinese: 覺遠; simplified Chinese: 觉远; pinyin: Juéyuǎn; Jyutping: Gok3-jyun5) was Wuse and Wuxiang's junior. He is credited as Zhang Sanfeng's martial arts master. Before his death, he recited the Nine Yang Manual to his apprentice and Guo Xiang, who respectively founded the Wudang and Emei sects later.
  • Cheng Kun (Chinese: 成昆; pinyin: Chéng Kūn; Jyutping: Sing4 Gwan1), nicknamed "Hunyuan Thunderbolt Hand" (混元霹靂手), is the primary antagonist in the novel and a formidable martial artist. He seeks to destroy the Ming Cult after his junior, whom he had a crush on, married Yang Dingtian and committed suicide to join her husband. He disguised himself as a Shaolin monk called Yuanzhen (traditional Chinese: 圓真; simplified Chinese: 圆真; pinyin: Yuánzhēn; Jyutping: Jyun4-zan1) and successfully stirred up conflict between the Ming Cult and the six major orthodox sects through a series of machinations. He pretended to accept Xie Xun as his apprentice and then killed Xie's family in cold blood before disappearing. Although he dislikes the Mongols, he still reluctantly becomes an adviser to Chaghan Temür and helps him devise plans to eliminate the Ming Cult. As the story progresses, he becomes corrupted by his lust for power and plots with Chen Youliang to dominate the wulin (martial artists' community), but their plan is foiled by Zhang Wuji and others. He is eventually defeated and blinded by Xie Xun.
  • The Three Elders of the Bodhidharma Hall (達摩堂三元老) form the 'Vajra Evil Subduing Ring' (金剛伏魔圈) to guard Xie Xun when he is held captive in Shaolin. More than 30 years ago, they fought with Yang Dingtian after being instigated by Cheng Kun and were injured by him. Since then, they have retreated into a state of "withering meditation" (枯禪). They become more aware of Cheng Kun's wicked intentions after listening to Zhang Wuji's explanations. The Three Elders are:
  • Huogong Toutuo (traditional Chinese: 火工頭陀; simplified Chinese: 火工头陀; pinyin: Huǒgōng Tóutuó; Jyutping: Fo2-gung1 Tau4-to4) was a traitor of Shaolin. He learnt some of Shaolin's skills and fled to the western regions, where he founded the Vajra Sect (金剛門).

Kunlun Sect

  • He Zudao (Chinese: 何足道; pinyin: Hé Zúdào; Jyutping: Ho4 Zuk1-dou3) was nicknamed "Kunlun Three Sage" (traditional Chinese: 崑崙三聖; simplified Chinese: 昆仑三圣; pinyin: Kūnlún Sān Shèng; Jyutping: Kwan1-leon4 Saam1 Sing3). He disappeared mysteriously after being defeated by Jueyuan. Yinkexi, one of the two men who stole the Nine Yang Manual from Shaolin, told him the whereabouts of the manual before dying. He Zudao misheard the message and passed on the wrong information in the jianghu.
  • He Taichong (traditional Chinese: 何太沖; simplified Chinese: 何太冲; pinyin: Hé Tàichōng; Jyutping: Ho4 Taai3-cung1), nicknamed "Mr Iron Zither" (traditional Chinese: 鐵琴先生; simplified Chinese: 铁琴先生; pinyin: Tiě Qín Xiānshēng; Jyutping: Tit3 Kam4 Sin1 Sang1), is the ungrateful and immoral leader of Kunlun. He and his wife try to kill Zhang Wuji and Yang Buhui after Zhang saved his concubine from death, but Yang Xiao saves Zhang and Yang. Later in the novel, he attempts to kill Xie Xun, who is held captive in Shaolin, so that he can take the Dragon Saber, but is slain by the three Shaolin elders.
  • Ban Shuxian (traditional Chinese: 斑淑嫻; simplified Chinese: 斑淑娴; pinyin: Bān Shūxián; Jyutping: Baan1 Suk1-haan4) is He Taichong's wife and an expert in the 'Dual Swordplay' (正兩儀劍法). She is killed along with her husband by the three Elders.

Mount Hua Sect

  • Xianyu Tong (traditional Chinese: 鮮于通; simplified Chinese: 鲜于通; pinyin: Xiānyú Tōng; Jyutping: Sin1-jyu4 Tung1), nicknamed "Shenjizi" (traditional Chinese: 神機子; simplified Chinese: 神机子; pinyin: Shénjīzǐ; Jyutping: San4-gei1-zi2), is the promiscuous and immoral leader of the sect. Hu Qingniu once saved his life when he was infected with Golden Worm Poison by Lady Miao, whom he previously had a relationship with. Hu Qingniu's sister, Hu Qingyang, fell in love with him while he was recovering and married him. However, he forced Hu Qingyang to die so that he can marry the daughter of his predecessor, even though she was already pregnant with his child. Xianyu Tong's wicked deed was discovered by his senior, Bai Yuan, whom he killed before the secret was revealed. He then framed the Ming Cult for the murder. During the battle at Bright Peak, Xianyu Tong attempts to kill Zhang Wuji, who is aware of his dirty secrets, but is infected with the Golden Worm Poison again. Zhang Wuji defeats him and exposes his past atrocities. Xianyu Tong dies at the hands of He Taichong incidentally during the fight.
  • Xue Gongyuan (traditional Chinese: 薛公遠; simplified Chinese: 薛公远; pinyin: Xuē Gōngyuǎn; Jyutping: Sit3 Gung1-jyun5) is one of Xianyu Tong's students. He and several others were injured by Golden Flower Granny and went to Butterfly Valley to seek treatment from Hu Qingniu. They are healed by Zhang Wuji, but betray him later and make cannibalistic attempts on him and Yang Buhui. Zhang tricks them into consuming a poisonous broth, which kills them.

Kongtong Sect

  • The "Five Elders of Kongtong" (崆峒五老) bore a grudge against Xie Xun after he stole the 'Seven Harms Fist' (七傷拳) manual from them. They are defeated by Zhang Wuji at Bright Peak. The fifth elder's name is not mentioned in the novel. The other four are:
    • Guan Neng (traditional Chinese: 關能; simplified Chinese: 关能; pinyin: Guān Néng; Jyutping: Gwaan1 Nang4)
    • Zong Weixia (traditional Chinese: 宗維俠; simplified Chinese: 宗维侠; pinyin: Zōng Wéixiá; Jyutping: Zung1 Wai4-hap6) holds a grudge against Yin Tianzheng after they once fought in the past. He becomes Zhang Wuji's ally in Kongtong after Zhang treats his wounds during their match at Bright Peak. He renounces his past feud with the Ming Cult.
    • Tang Wenliang (Chinese: 唐文亮; pinyin: Táng Wénliàng; Jyutping: Tong4 Man4-loeng6) had his limbs broken by Yin Tianzheng during the battle at Bright Peak. Zhang Wuji heals his injuries and saves him from permanent paralysis.
    • Chang Jingzhi (Chinese: 常敬之; pinyin: Cháng Jìngzhī; Jyutping: Soeng4 Ging3-zi1)
  • Jian Jie (traditional Chinese: 簡捷; simplified Chinese: 简捷; pinyin: Jiǎn Jié; Jyutping: Gaan2 Zit3) is a minor member of the sect who was injured by Golden Flower Granny. He is healed by Zhang Wuji but repays his kindness with evil by making cannibalistic attempts on Zhang and Yang Buhui. He is tricked by Zhang into consuming a poisonous broth that took his life.

Beggars' Sect

  • Chen Youliang (traditional Chinese: 陳友諒; simplified Chinese: 陈友谅; pinyin: Chén Yǒuliàng; Jyutping: Can4 Jau5-loeng6) is Cheng Kun's apprentice. He serves the Beggars' Sect as a spy for his master and manipulates Song Qingshu into betraying the Wudang Sect. He defects to the Ming Cult after Cheng Kun's defeat but betrays the cult later and becomes a territorial warlord after the fall of the Yuan Empire.
  • Shi Huolong (traditional Chinese: 史火龍; simplified Chinese: 史火龙; pinyin: Shí Huǒlóng; Jyutping: Si2 Fo2-lung4) is the sect's chief. He is hardly known to the wulin (martial artists' community) because he rarely made public appearances. He was murdered by Cheng Kun and Chen Youliang, who replaced him with an impostor under their control.
  • Shi Hongshi (traditional Chinese: 史紅石; simplified Chinese: 史红石; pinyin: Shǐ Hóngshí; Jyutping: Si2 Hung4-sek6) is Shi Huolong's daughter. She was rescued by the Yellow Dress Maiden after her father was murdered. She succeeds her father as the chief of the Beggars' Sect.

Zhu and Wu families

  • Wu Lie (Chinese: 武烈; pinyin: Wǔ Liè; Jyutping: Mou5 Lit6) is a descendant of Wu Santong. He plots with Zhu Changling to deceive Zhang Wuji into revealing Xie Xun's whereabouts.
  • Zhu Jiuzhen (Chinese: 朱九真; pinyin: Zhū Jiǔzhēn; Jyutping: Zyu1 Gau2-zan1) is Zhu Changling's daughter. Though beautiful in appearance, she is cruel and sadistic. She seduces Zhang Wuji and helps her father and Wu Lie trick Zhang into revealing Xie Xun's whereabouts. She is killed by Yin Li.


  • Han Qianye (traditional Chinese: 韓千葉; simplified Chinese: 韩千叶; pinyin: Hán Qiānyè; Jyutping: Hon4 Cin1-jip6) was nicknamed "Mr Silver Leaf" (traditional Chinese: 銀葉先生; simplified Chinese: 银叶先生; pinyin: Yín Yè Xiānshēng; Jyutping: Ngan4 Jip6 Sin1-sang1). He sought revenge on Yang Dingtian and challenged him to a fight. Daiqisi took up his challenge and they fought in the Icy Lake. They fell in love and later left for good to settle on a remote island, where their daughter Xiaozhao was born. In an earlier edition of the novel, Fan Yao was suspected of poisoning Han to death.
  • The Yellow Dress Maiden (traditional Chinese: 黃衫女子; simplified Chinese: 黄衫女子; pinyin: Huáng Shān Nǚzǐ; Jyutping: Wong4 Saam1 Neoi5-zi2) is a descendant of the Condor Hero Couple (Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü). Her real name is not mentioned in the novel but her family name is briefly said to be 'Yang' (楊). She appears to help Zhang Wuji in times of danger. She defeats Zhou Zhiruo's 'Nine Yin White Bone Claw' with an orthodox version of the skills in the Nine Yin Manual. (See for her family tree.)
  • Xia Zhou (Chinese: 夏冑; pinyin: Xià Zhòu; Jyutping: Haa6 Zau6) is a brother of one of Xie Xun's victims. He is killed by Jingjia along with Situ Qianzhong at the Lion Slaying Ceremony.
  • Du Baidang (traditional Chinese: 杜百當; simplified Chinese: 杜百当; pinyin: Dù Bǎidāng; Jyutping: Dou6 Baak3-dong1) and Yi Sanniang (Chinese: 易三娘; pinyin: Yì Sānniáng; Jyutping: Jik6 Saam1-noeng4) are the parents of one of Xie Xun's victims. The couple provided shelter for Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min when they are heading to Shaolin. The couple are murdered by Zhou Zhiruo later.


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