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Scribner's Magazine : Volume 0011, Issue 4 April,1892: Scribner's Magazine

By: Charles Scribner's Sons

Description:Scribner's Magazine was an American periodical published by the publishing house of Charles Scribner's Sons from January 1887 to May 1939.

Table of Contents: The Poor In Great Cities - Introduction pp. 399-401 -- The Poor In Great Cities. I. The Social Awakening In London Robert A. Woods, pp. 401-424 -- An Egyptian Banquet T. W. Higginson, pp. 424-425 -- The Reflections Of A Married Man Robert Grant, pp. 425-439 -- The New Parks Of The City Of New York E. S. Nadal, pp. 439-455 -- Golden Mashonland Frank Mandy, pp. 455-471 -- The Wrecker Robert Louis Stevenson, Lloyd Osbourne, pp. 471-482 -- Paris Theatres And Concerts. III. The Unsubventioned Theatres And Orchestral Concerts William F. Apthorp, pp. 482-496 -- A Case Of Conscience Beatrice Witte, pp. 496-499 -- Charles Keene Of Punch George Somes Layard, pp. 499-515 -- Of The Blood Royal William Maynadier Browne, pp. 515-519 -- Historic Moments. I. The Impeachment Trial Edmund G. Ross, pp. 519-525 -- The Point Of View: The Point Of View pp. 525-530...

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