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Scribner's Magazine Volume 0001 Issue 1 (January, 1887): Scribner's Magazine

By: Charles Scribner's Sons

Description:Scribner's Magazine was an American periodical published by the publishing house of Charles Scribner's Sons from January 1887 to May 1939.

Table of Contents: Miscellaneous Front Pages pp. i-2 -- Reminiscences Of Siege And Commune Of Paris. First Paper - The Downfall Of The Empire Eb Washburne, pp. 3-22 -- Seth's Brother's Wife Harold Frederic, pp. 22-37 -- The Story Of A New York House H. C. Bunner, pp. 37-49 -- Sonnets In Shadow Arlo Bates, pp. 49-51 -- Our Defenceless Coasts F. V. Greene, pp. 51-66 -- Herrick, Robert, In A Copy Of His Lyrical Poems Austin Dobson, pp. 66-67 -- In Mexico Thomas A. Janvier, pp. 67-80 -- The Babylonian Seals William Hayes Ward, pp. 80-93 -- Glimpses At The Diaries Of Gouverneur Morris; Social Life And Character In The Paris Of The Revolution Annie Cary Morris, pp. 93-107 -- Socialism Francis A. Walker, pp. 107-119 -- The New Year Maybury Fleming, pp. 119-120 -- A Violin Obligato Margaret Crosby, pp. 120-130...

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