Veliki prezir (album)

Veliki prezir
Veliki Prezir
Released 1996
Recorded June 1996
Do-Re-Mi studio, Novi Sad, O studio, Belgrade
Genre Britpop, Indie rock
Length 41:33
Label Metropolis Records
MRK 3111 / MCD 039
Producer Aleksandar Stamenković, Predrag Pejić, Veliki Prezir
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Veliki prezir
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Veliki prezir (The great contempt) is an eponymous album by the Serbian britpop/alternative rock band Veliki Prezir, released by Metropolis records in 1996. Initially being available on compact cassette only, the album, with the Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša debut album Guarda Toma! was rereleased as on CD as a split album in 2001.

Track listing

All music and lyrics by Vladimir Kolarić.

No. Title Length
1. "Svetleće" (Glowing) 3:45
2. "Padati" (Falling down) 1:57
3. "Samo tebe znam" (It is only you I know) 2:59
4. "Reke teku brodovima" (Rivers flow through the ships) 4:00
5. "Minesota" (Minnesota) 3:26
6. "Između" (In between) 4:27
7. "Ne znam" (I don't know) 3:40
8. "Vreme" (Time) 2:20
9. "Dobro je" (It is fine) 4:52
10. "Budi Sunce" (Be the sun) 2:50
11. "Odvodi" (Let-offs) 3:12
12. "Na tragu" (On the trace) 4:05


Veliki Prezir

  • Vladimir Kolarić — guitar, vocals
  • Slavko Kontra — guitar
  • Predrag Ilčešin — bass
  • Dušan Kuzmanović — drums

Additional personnel

  • Ivana Gordić — backing vocals on "Minesota"
  • Milan Jovanović — artwork by [design]
  • Velja Mijanović — engineer [postpoduction]
  • Zoran Petrović "Petrija" — percussion [tambourine]
  • Veliki Prezir — producer
  • Aleksandar Stamenković "Stamena" — programmed by [emulator], recorded by, producer
  • Predrag Pejić "Pedja" — recorded by, producer


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